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Antoine de Saint Exupéry

All children dream and as adults, it is our responsibility to help them build and reach their full potential.

We offer education to children aged 3 to 11.


Our goals are:

  • to help children learn independently and become self-reliant

  • to hand children the key skills needed to question and understand the world

  • to teach children how to live and collaborate with others

Our teaching


Offering a learner centred approach, children’s personalities, abilities and paces are individual assessed to provide a personalised progression plan to each child.


We follow the French National Education syllabus, as well as a partial English one, which allows students to progress into both English and French secondary schools with ease. 


Our principles


Learner centred framework with methods which consider children's interest and individual needs.

We do not follow a particular set of pedagogical practices, but instead adjust them all to the particular needs of our small, agile learners.

There are no two children alike, therefore each child follows a program tailor made to their specific needs.


Our Philosophy

Our teachers' roles have been redesigned to keep children motivated, active and creative, as well as to help them develop argumentative reasoning and critical thinking skills.


In our free, semi-directed or directed, fun and varied workshops, teachers accompany, guide and give explanations to students only when the need arises, in order to give children the opportunity to discover and learn on their own.


In primary, each teacher takes care of 12 children. We currently have 4 groups: One french speaking class, two english speaking classes and one bilingual class. Group work is a great way of allowing children to experience mutual help and cooperation, which are values very dear to us.

In pre-primary two teacher and two assistants are taking care of a group of children aged three to six years old.

We believe that children's natural curiosity and questioning are the engines of learning, which is why our teachers are there to encourage children to continue questioning and, hence, deepen their reflections.


Our layout of indoor and outdoor spaces grant teachers the possibility to implement a variety of teaching methods that best correspond to the involved children and the projects being carried out.


Our science syllabus, which takes place in our gardens, includes the development of an organic vegetable garden, the observation of the surrounding flora and fauna and the workshop: Handicraft work.


Our specialist music teacher imparts daily lessons to younger students, while offering weekly schedules to older ones. We dispose of a wide selection of musical instruments, including a piano, for children to explore and play.


Daily lessons are heavily focused on the arts, as we believe that music and art can offer benefits that extend beyond their usual application and that bigger emphasis should be placed on this area of education.



Our first school projects will be divided into two parts:

GO GREEN SEIS, destined to make children more environmentally aware, concerned and sensitive. Children are directly involved in making the school sustainable and environmentally friendly, by way of learning about green technologies, recycling and living in harmony with the different ecosystems. Children are encouraged to reflect on their learnings and to apply them to the real world. See our School and Environment sections for more information.

“SEIS ♥ Reading & Writing”, destined to make reading and writing a pleasure for children, achieved by offering children access to a multitude of books, in a peaceful reading corner, allowing them to write in the school newspaper or write stories for school plays and getting to meet their favourite authors.

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