Mélanie Kamlet

French Teacher

Mélanie is a French national, interested in the relationships and interactions existing between teachers and students of different ages. In her continued pursuit of service to future generations, she gained two law masters from the University of Paris II (Panthéon-Assas) and after five years of teaching law at various Parisian universities, she opted for a change and decided to follow an international career as a school teacher in Brussels and then in Frankfurt am Main, where she has now been teaching at the French Lycée for seven years. With the aim of improving pedagogical practices, Mélanie has created a pioneering school concept, which brings together the best contemporary teaching methods and focuses on literature, music and sciences, together with the respect for each child's individual learning rhythm.


Felix Zuckschwerdt



Felix is a German national with a passion for technology, sustainable energies and sports. He has worked in the banking and IT industries for almost two decades. His work experience begins working for investment banks managing IT systems and projects; followed by spearheading the IT services of a British IT Security company; until recently, where his last position required him to lead a team of experts who aid different EU based banks in building and repositioning their digital banking businesses. Felix has managed different types of organisations throughout his career. Small startups, as well as global players. His management role puts him in charge of various school operations at SElS. Felix is Senator for Economics in the Diplomatic Council, a UN accredited think tank. In their free time his wife and him love to explore oceans and mountains.

Tania Portrait_edited_edited.jpg

Tania Lagesse
English Teacher

Tania is a South African national and has been living in Mauritius for 13 years. Her career started out in the hospitality industry where she was involved in events and training. After spending 4 years in the UK working in hotels she moved to Mauritius with her husband. In 2010, she changed her profession and found her life-long passion for teaching. Whilst doing her bachelor’s degree in education through the University of South Africa she became passionate about Special Education and has since been specialising in Psychology and learning more about Dyslexia and other learner challenges to develop her skills and knowledge in this area of teaching.

Robyn Mac.jpg

Robyn Mac

English Teacher

Robyn was born and raised in South Africa, educated in the UK and has called Mauritius home for 2 years. After many years traveling and working independently she moved into education and specialized in teaching English as a second language for young learners in South America and South East Asia. Over the past 6 years, Robyn has worked with various non government organizations and schools coordinating and teaching leadership, language and math literacy programs in South Africa. Robyn’s preferred teaching methodology is task based learning and guided discovery techniques to encourage an holistic and experiential environment in the classroom. Throughout her teaching career she has worked with students to improve literacy skills using arts, story telling and music. Her personal passion for Yoga can also be found in her classroom, where children are encouraged to develop vital skills in concentration and focus through movement and self inquiry. A big advocate for learning through play Robyn enjoys nuturing each child’s innate couriosty and igniting a life long love of learning. 

Agathe Bourgault Du Coudray Nogueira

French Teacher

With her French and Portuguese roots, Agathe now lives in Mauritius. She holds several master’s degrees in International Relations and Political Science. She started her career as project manager in an international environment. As such, she worked for more than fifteen organizations, including educational NGOs and schools, first in English speaking African countries and then in Macao and in China.

Teaching is Agathe’s passion. Ever since 2014, she has been developing alternative and innovative educational tools to assist both children and adults in understanding current world issues. She initiated a large number of workshops and training programs -  in France, in Africa and in China - dedicated to environmental protection as well as social and geopolitical global challenges. Back in 2019, Agathe reached out to more than 200 students in Mauritian schools after completing her training to conduct philosophical workshops. She has a keen interest for psychology and neuroscience. And ever since 2016, she has been developing her skills to implement alternative teaching methods, so as to provide her students with a relaxed learning environment in which individual differences are taken into account.