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Mélanie Kamlet
French Teacher

Mélanie is a French national with a 20 year long passion for the relationships and interactions between teachers and students in different age groups. In her continued pursuit of service to future generations, she has gained two Master of Law degrees from the University of Paris II (Panthéon-Assas). After having first taught at various Parisian universities for five years, she decided to follow an international career as a school teacher in Brussels and then in Frankfurt/Main, where she has been teaching at the French Lycée for seven years. With the aim of improving pedagogical practices, Mélanie has created a pioneering school concept, which brings together the best contemporary teaching methods, focusing on literature, music and sciences, together with the respect for each child's individual learning rhythm.

Melanie Kamlet Portrait

Felix Zuckschwerdt
Administrative Director

Felix is a German national who has worked in the banking, medical and IT industries for over two decades. He lead and advised several multi-national organisations in the banking and medical industry and is in charge of the Renewable Energy Group CARBONOZ. Felix has managed different types of organisations throughout his career. Small startups as well as global players. His management role puts him in charge of ZUKA's various school operations. He shares the mission of SEIS to make learner center education the new mainstream and to learn in small and effective groups no matter what age group. Felix is Head of Mission East and South Africa for the Diplomatic Council, a UN accredited international think tank for diplomacy, social and economic development.

Felix Zuckschwerdt Portrait
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