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Mélanie Kamlet
French Teacher

Mélanie is a French national with a 20 year long passion for the relationships and interactions between teachers and students in different age groups. In her continued pursuit of service to future generations, she has gained two Master of Law degrees from the University of Paris II (Panthéon-Assas). After having first taught at various Parisian universities for five years, she decided to follow an international career as a school teacher in Brussels and then in Frankfurt am Main, where she has now been teaching at the French Lycée for seven years. With the aim of improving pedagogical practices, Mélanie has created a pioneering school concept, which brings together the best contemporary teaching methods, focusing on literature, music and sciences, together with the respect for each child's individual learning rhythm.

Melanie Kamlet Portrait

Felix Zuckschwerdt
Administrative Director

Felix is a German national who has worked in the banking, medical and IT industries for over two decades. He has managed IT systems and projects where his last position required him to lead a team of experts who aid different EU based banks to build and reposition their digital banking businesses. He also lead and advised several multi-national IT-organisations in the medical industry. Felix has managed different types of organisations throughout his career. Small startups as well as global players. His management role puts him in charge of ZUKA's various school operations. He shares the mission of SEIS to make learner center education the new mainstream and to learn in small and effective groups no matter what age group. Felix is Senator for Economics in the Diplomatic Council, a UN accredited think tank. His passions are the ocean, mountains, sports, cultural events and teaching about technology and sustainable energies.

Felix Zuckschwerdt Portrait

Anne Goossens
English Teacher

Anne, Jo’s wife, has 25 years of experience in education in different terrains and on different levels. She has a bachelor degree in both development in early childhood, remedial teaching, and primary teaching. She is passionate about the well-being and progress of every child individually. Her focus in teaching lies in building emotional wellness in every child. Because of the numerous travels she has made with her family, she tries to implement that influence through a multitude of artistic activities in her teaching. Because of her experiences abroad, she now skilfully creates a sense of togetherness in every team, regardless of the cultural background, with due respect for everyone's personal story and background, and the added value it brings to the group. She is a strong advocate for creating awareness with every child as to how to be a responsible and critical individual, teaching ownership even from a very early age. Anne expertly creates a sense in her students of how they can create their own path in life with a conscious mindset starting from kindergarten. Together with Jo and their 13-year-old daughter Fie, they are heading to Mauritius to enthusiastically start a new adventure.

foto Anne.jpg

Jo Smets
English Teacher

Jo is a Belgian national with 22-years experience in education. He is passionate about implementing environmental topics and sustainability in education. Together with his wife and daughter he traveled around the world to immerse himself in different cultures - and teaching styles.  Together, they have taught in both Tanzania and the Dominican Republic (IB, PYP). Jo has a great deal of professional experience in special education, and he is always looking for different ways to get the highest level of achievement from every child.  His teaching style is project-based, with a clear focus on each student individually, and individuality.  Jo is a certified Freinet teacher and for the last five years he has been working in an 'Augustin Freinet' school in Belgium, where the focus lies on 'greening' the school campus with student-based projects and bringing education outdoors. Together with his family, he is going to move to Mauritius to broaden his horizon yet again, to discover and learn even more ways to bring out the best in people, and strengthen the school team. Learning is a lifelong path and teaching is a passion!

Stationary photo

Aurélie Fleuriau-Chateau
French Teacher

Aurélie has a dual nationality, French and Mauritian, but likes to consider herself first and foremost as a world citizen. Her passion for travel and for new cultures took her abroad where she spent ten rewarding years. As an expatriate, she had the opportunity to develop her love of human relationships and to realize her deep desire to help make the world a better place. Aurelie holds a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages (she majored in Spanish), a master’s degree in communication, and has followed several other training courses to specialize in teaching (school support for the French teaching system outside France, positive discipline diploma, training in the FREINET and MONTESSORI teaching methods, initiation to Cardiac Coherence for children). As she gained her experience working in schools around the globe, she is able to care for children with different backgrounds. Driven by her passion for teaching, Aurélie constantly acquires new knowledge and improves her pedagogical skills in order to best support school children and help them become good learners and citizens of the world. From New Caledonia to Canada, from the Philippines to Mauritius, Aurélie’s main concern has always been the well-being of her students.

Aurelie FC SEIS.jpg

Kovarni Ramachundren
English Teacher

While studying her BA (Hons) in English at the Open University of Mauritius, Kovarni has worked as an assistant teacher and Grade 1 class teacher over the past 5 years. Kovarni believes the first step in facilitating a child’s learning journey starts with patience and positivity.  Trained in Indian Classical Dance, she is passionate about promoting creativity, the arts and crafting in her classroom. With a natural ability to connect with her students, Kovarni has also recently focused on supporting learners with additional needs. Ensuring that the children entrusted to her care harbour a love for learning, she is committed to providing a fun and dynamic learning environment for each child.


Saroja Ramachundren
Assistant Teacher

With over 20 years of experience working in the field of education and early child care, Saroja is dedicated in providing warmth and care to each child under her guidance. In addition to her professional experience, Saroja is well known and loved by many families in the local area. She has practiced cooking classes and after care over the past 2 decades on our island. In the classroom, Saroja is passionate for reading stories to the children, exploring books with our small groups and other activities that center on literacy. Never far from a paintbrush or a smile Saroja enjoys encouraging creativity through art, handicrafts and music.

Saroja .jpg

Edith de Ravel
French Teacher

With my Mauritian roots, I grew up in a village with a great diversity of people. As a result, I felt the urge to discover more. I enjoy learning, by meeting new people, attending manual workshops, reading books and browsing various media. By facing the challenge of novelty, I find it easier to adapt and to develop my creative skills. After studying for 4 years in Toulouse, France, I obtained a State Diploma of Early Childhood Educator.  My main concern is to meet the needs of children at all levels, but also to provide support to parents who remain the first educators of their child. My passions ? Singing, zumba, storytelling, board games, scuba diving ! During the 7 years that I spent teaching in a French school in Mauritius, I was able to share those passions with my students. Project based learning fostered cohesion in the classroom, and developed initiative as well as confidence and amazement about themselves and others. For 3 years, I led an international community life that fueled my passion for unity in diversity, a crucial challenge for Mauritius.

Edith SEIS Maurice.jpg
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