The environmental school

Concerned about raising children's awareness on environmental issues, the school aims to become sustainable by performing easy to implement daily actions and by collaboration in group discussions, workshops and experiments.

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SEIS has PARTNERED with Eden Reforestation Projects. WE are contributing annually TO HELP THEIR MADAGASCAR PROJECT THRIVE. EDEN HAS SO FAR PLANTED 333 MILLION TREES WORLDWIDE AND IS giving people jobs and purpose.

Our current school initiatives to fight climate change and pollution are:

  • plant endemic trees and grow fruits and vegetables in our organic school garden,

  • work with our joint venture project Farmcity Mauritius to teach self-sustainable living in a symbiosis with nature,

  • separate waste into recyclable materials, as well as compost organic waste,

  • use an assigned, personalised glass for the entire school year to drink the carbon filtered water provided in our kitchen school tap, in order to eliminate plastic bottle waste,

  • help reduce the use of plastic at the school, home and their communities,

  • take part in school organised plastic waste collection events,

  • build a school photovoltaic and wind power plant to help illustrate how energy can be harvested from fossile free energy sources and how the use and storage of this energy can be an advantage locally,

  • participate in entertaining scientific experiments in order to illustrate the function of renewable energy, as well as its potential.


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